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Universal automation program service center and / or store.The program is already filled
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22 April 2014

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This is a tool suitable for all kinds of repair service centers.

This software tool automates the operations of organizations that service products of a range of technologies. Laptops, computers to all kinds of mobile device repairs are handled. In many cases the program is already filled with names and parts databases. The program is also equipped with ADO for data imports. Access control of the operations based on privileges can be implemented. Features available help manage the cash operations handled by a cashier in an organization. This tool helps track virtual, global, all cash transactions in the program. Accounts can be easily managed, all returns generated and distributed and Z-reports can be created. For a workshop kind of organization it will help you manage acceptance of any apparatus, automatic detection of the brand line, import from Excel, receipt, photo from web cameras. Operations with equipment, status, print or act exemption sheet, detailed logs could be created and maintained. Material issue to departments, all kinds of reports including searching the reports and export of these reports are featured. Overview and receipt status of bills is possible. Salary master for employees of the center can be handled.

Operations in a shop can be handled easily through features like parts inventory, sales orders, barcode scanners, reports, invoice creation, etc. Parts returns, write-offs, order are other useful features. Purchase, inspection/modification, refunds, disassembly, typical fault detection, client detail maintenance, etc. are also available. This is a very good tool and can be customized to various organizations.

Publisher's description

Universal automation program service center and / or store.
Suitable for service centers specializing in any form of technology from mobile phones to laptops.
Program features:
Access control with optional privileges.
Cashier (Virtual, Global)
Acceptance (any apparatus, photo from WEB cameras)
Operation with equipment 6 statuses, printing act
Detailed log for action in the workshop and on extradition
Reports (30 species, search, export to Excel or HTML or OpenOffice)
Search the archive and return or print documents
Overview and repayment of debts in a service center
Archive, payroll masters
Parish (Search by code, avtonatsenka, Parts)
Sale, Purchase Order, Discounts
Tags-Barcode Scanner
Reports (10 species), overhead
Refund, cancellation
Orders (Work with orders and their statuses)
Parish (Supplier, Import from Excel, Avtonatsenka)
Operation (use or sale, Order)
Reports (10 species)
Search parts and return to the warehouse describing the reason for write-off
Work with orders and their status.
Second hand:
Purchase equipment pred.otsenka state contract
Operation (inspection and modification, the final assessment)
Sale, reports (15 species)
Search the archive and return or print documents
Parsing devices for accessories
Typical fault, customers, IMEI, Model, IMEI blacklist, vendors, blacklisted clients.
List Price:
Search and print a price list
Imports in the price of the store or Excel, Currency Converter, avtonatsenka
Charting, analysis work or demand printing
Backup Databases
Notes, reminder
Auto-save all documents in the directories.
* Optionally, you can request and translate into your language.
30 different templates in the format *. Rtf (2 languages)
Automatic Backup Databases ..
And other functions.
Version 3.332
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